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George Washington Bethune
Last name Bethune
First name George Washington
Image George Washington Bethune.gif
Also known as
Born March 18, 1805, New York, New York.
Died April 27, 1862, Florence, Italy.
Best known for Hymns:It is not death to die,Hymns:When time seems short and death is

George Washington Bethune; (1805 to 1862[1]) , an eminent divine of the Reformed Dutch Church, was born in New York March 18, 1805.


He was graduated at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., in 1823, and studied theology at Princeton, N. J. In 1827 he became pastor of a Reformed Dutch Church at Rhinebeck, N. Y.; in 1830, at Utica, N. Y.; in 1834 he passed to Philadelphia, and in 1850 to Brooklyn, N. Y. In 1861 he went abroad for his health. He died at Florence, Italy, April 27, 1862, suddenly after preaching. Dr. Bethune wrote occasional hymns and poems for more than thirty years. One of his first compositions was a sailor's hymn beginning, "Tossed upon life's raging billow," which appeared in The Christian Lyre, 1830. A collection of his poems, Lays of Love and Faith, was published in Philadelphia in 1847.[2]



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